SWASTHA - Music and Wellness Program for Children  

Learning Objectives

  • To create an interest in music among kids to take up  music education (Indian Music) and develop music skills. 
  • To introduce and motivate the children to understand the Indian musical traditions 
  • To create an interest in using music  as a tool for wellness
  • To create an awareness about the therapeutic power of music used in everyday life to enhance wellness.
  • To help the kids to find ways to integrate music in their lives to relax  through music
  • To nurture an interest in music to enable them to develop music skills to help their overall development

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Learning Outcome

Completion of the course will enable the kids to

  • Sing, sing along, chant and mindfully listen to music
  • Use music to relax
  • Use music for generating positive emotions.
  • Improve  self- expression and creativity          
  • Get introduced to Indian traditional, cultural and musical practices of healing and self-care
  • Duration: 12 weeks (One sessions of 45 minutes online during weekends on Saturdays and Sundays/week days 6 to 8 pm)
  • Course Fees: Rs.9640/-
  • A pre-assessment and post assessment will be shared with the parents
  • Contact for Registration:  +91 72000 97805/99167 44317
  • Admissions all through the year.
  • Registrations are open


CHIKITSA - Music for Children with Special Needs Program

Objectives of the program

  • To support healthy development in motor, psycho-social, cognitive, communicative and emotional domains
  • To use music as a healing tool augmenting medical care wherever needed.
  • To facilitate coping with the day to day functioning of children with special needs in an effective manner and learn
  • To relax and to facilitate self-healing mechanism
  • To improve self-expression

Music Therapy services for children with special needs is not to substitute any medical treatment. are offered both in-person and also online. 
  • Population served: Autism Spectrum Disorder, Learning disabilities, Attention Deficiency Hyperactive Disorder and mild MR
  • Please note: The therapy services are not alternative to medical treatment if needed. Therapy do not aim to provide a cure.

  • A pre-assessment and periodical post assessment on emotional, cognitive and social wellbeing will be shared with the parents
  • Contact for Registration: 72000 97805
  • Registrations started